Amazing Ways to Use Google’s Narrator … Find Out!

Some believe that Google’s voice assistant doesn’t offer as many benefits or uses as Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

However, it has a variety of features that have increased in size after the new Android 12 update.

Here are great methods that you can use with all different versions of Android and also with different phones, so don’t worry about supporting your phone.

1- Read the articles aloud

This feature works only with Google navigation applications in Internet, i.e. Chrome browser, Google News application, or Google search application.

All you have to do is go to the article you want to have it read on the phone, then ask it directly to start reading. You can also ask him to read the article by using one of the following commands: Read it – Read this page – Read aloud.

You will find a special bar for the new audio file or article reader that appears in at the bottom of the article, as well as tools to control the reading process in the notification bar. And you can check the output audio file while checking any audio file or music track you play on your phone.

2- Know the shipping percentage

Google Voice Assistant can tell you the charging percentage of your phone directly by following your voice commands. You can also use this command through speakers that support Google Voice Assistant or smart display.

All you have to do is ask the assistant for the percentage of your phone’s battery and the assistant tells you directly.

3- Find the phone

You can direct the command to the Google Assistant by saying Where is my phone and then it will directly display the location of your phone.

It works regardless of how many devices you have linked to your Google account, so you’ll find that it shows more than one phone together or more than one device together.

Amazing Ways to Use Google’s Narrator … Find Out!

4- Turn your phone in silent mode

you can do in so that the phone automatically switches to silent mode by addressing a command to the Google Assistant and you can say Silence My phone.

And automatically, the phone goes into silent mode right after this command. It also works with any phone or speaker connected to the Google Assistant.

5- Share the location

You can share your location directly or know your exact location on the map using voice assistant commands.

And you can command Where Am I to show you where you are on the map directly in a small window – and it shows it from Google Maps, of course. You can also direct the Share My Location command to share your location with any contact you choose directly.

6- Take a screenshot

Google Voice Assistant can take a screenshot directly from the screen without you holding your phone or pressing the screenshot buttons.

All you have to do is say Take a screenshot, and it will take the screenshot and display it in your phone and store it there.

7- Take a photo with the camera

The assistant can take a photo using the front or rear camera of the phone and all you have to do is select the type of image you want. You can have him take a photo with the front camera by saying Take a selfie or take a photo with the rear camera by saying Take a photo.

You can also add a timer before taking the photo, in so that you are ready to take the photo, as you wish and for any time or period you wish.

8- Turn on silent noise

Sometimes you may need to play soft noises or light music to be able to work quietly in a crowded place.

You can do this without holding the phone by directing the command to your voice assistant via the Play command and then remembering the type of music you want, be it White Noise, Soft Music, the sound of water and so on. via.

9- Access the assistant settings

You can’t access the voice assistant settings easily or quickly, as you need to access the Google app or the Assistant app.

But via the assistant settings command, via Google’s voice assistant, you can quickly access its settings application.

10- Repeat what the assistant said

If you use Google Voice Assistant in a language other than your native language such as English or other languages, you may have a hard time understanding what he said, especially if he spoke quickly or the phone was far away and you didn’t hear him well.

Then you can direct the Can You Repeat command to the voice assistant to repeat what he said in different modes, so if you ask him to repeat it louder, turn up the volume or make it slower.

11- Prevent the assistant from answering

Google Voice Assistant sometimes works without directly commanding it, because it knows some voice commands. As a result, you may find that it works instantly while you are chatting with a friend or co-worker. However, you can silence him with the following command: That wasn’t for you.

This is also an important story that you need to remember in so you can make the assistant silent when it works automatically.

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