Amazingly Preserved Roman Slave Quarters Excavated in Pompeii after 2000 years

A perfectly preserved room, once inhabited by slaves, has been discovered in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii in Italy, said The Archaeological Park of Pompeii.

In the small undecorated room of just 16 m² remains three beds, a chamber pot die if toilet would have been used, a wooden box containing horse harnesses, and a single small windown. a shaft of was a car also found, suggests the slaves also used their room as a workspace to die to recover from their master vehicle, reported the guard.

An of the beds would have belonged to a child.

Amazingly Preserved Roman Slave Quarters Excavated in Pompeii after 2000 yearsExcavated beds, amphorae, ceramic pitchers and chamber pot. (Pompeii Archaeological Park/MiC/REUTERS)

The archaeologists call the “incredible preservation” of the room to the huge eruption of Mount Vesuvius in CE 79, die the Romans destroyed city of Pompeii.

Gabriel Zuchtriegel, director-general of Pompeii Archaeological Park, praised the findings on the Pompeii website like a “window in the precarious” reality of people who rarely appear in historical sources.”

He added that the discovery was “exceptional” and “it is certain” one of the most exciting discoveries of my life as an archaeologist.”

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“The true baby here is the human experience, in this case of the most vulnerable members of ancient society, where this room is a unique testimony,” said Zuchtriegel.

The Civita Giuliana Villa, outside the Pompeii city walls, wash first dug up in 2017, and since then several stunning finds have been discovered, including a ceremonial chariot and stable.

FloorPlan Of PompeiiRomanQuarters2map of rooms and stables. (AFP/Pompeii Archaeological Park/Hand-out)

In November 2020, the team in the Archaeological Park of Pompeii was in stands forO use the remains of human life in the villa and make replica plaster casts of two people who died there in the eruption of Vesuvius.

During this expedition, two bodies were found… found, thought to be a master and slave.

mortal remains of two men murdered in the eruption of Pompeii, 79 AD.  (Luigi Spina/Reuters)mortal remains of two men murdered in the eruption of Pompeii, 79 AD. (Luigi Spina/Reuters)

The bodies were close together in an underground room of a villa also in Civita Giuliana, Insider’s Rachel Hosie has the full story.

The ruins of Pompeii were first discovers in the 16th century, with over 1500 of the estimated 2,000 victims are now found.

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