Amazon and Bezos are being targeted by serious allegations by the US Congress

A bipartisan group of US lawmakers accused Amazon’s leadership, including former CEO Jeff Bezos, of misleading or lying to Congress following reports from media, which lawmakers affirm “directly in conflict with sworn testimony. ”Amazon officials regarding its business practices.

In a letter sent this week to Amazon CEO Andy Gacy, lawmakers from the House Antitrust Subcommittee are asking the e-commerce giant to correct the claims and provide “prove controversial of the new accusations “to corroborate previous testimonies and statements made before the committee.

Amazon and Bezos are being targeted by serious allegations by the US Congress

Lawmakers cited investigative press reports from Reuters and The Markup that Amazon used data from individual sellers to create similar products and promote their products. in India, and Amazon is putting their own branded products ahead of those of competing sellers on Amazon in the US as well.

According to the lawmakers’ letter, “it appears at best that Amazon representatives have misled the committee.” Lawmakers presided over their demands, leading Democratic Representative Jerrold Nadler. “At worst, it shows they may have lied to Congress in a possible violation of federal criminal law, “the statement read.

“Given the serious nature of this matter, we are offering you one last chance to present prove in defense to confirm previous testimonies and statements on behalf of Amazon before the panel”added the lawmakers.

They continued: “We strongly encourage you to use this opportunity to correct testimony and provide the committee with honest and accurate responses to this request, while we consider whether it is appropriate to refer the matter to the Ministry of Justice for criminal investigation.”

An Amazon spokesperson denied the allegations raised in the letter, describing the articles of the media in question as “inaccurate”.

Lawmakers also cited July 29, 2020 testimony from former CEO Bezos, who said Amazon has a policy against using data on individual sellers to develop competing products.

Lawmakers are seeking to obtain all documents and communications related to the internal investigation into violations of the Supplier Data Protection Policy, as well as the documents and responses cited in Reuters and other reports.

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