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Ever since its launch on Amazon Prime Video on June 4, the new season of The Family Man has been receiving an unprecedented response from the audience. Apart from its intense performances, captivating storyline and amazing direction, the incredible soundtrack is being loved by the audience unmatched, which has successfully blended genres and featured films like Fiddlecraft, Mahesh Shankar, Bindumalini, Brodha V, Swarthma, R Rajesh, Harpreet and Bharat brings together talented composers like Shankar.

Producers Raj & DK believe that for a spy-thriller like The Family Man, music plays a very important role in giving a complete entertainment experience to the audience. Creators Raj & DK said, “When it comes to OTT series, the scope for experimenting with music is much more than films. The commercial nature takes a backseat with series and we have a lot more songs as compared to movies and can also explore different genres as compared to movies. We are fans of both indie and classical music and for this album, we sought out composers, musicians and artists across the country to create tracks and sounds that we felt would fit in well with the narrative. We have a mix of existing and original numbers and we feel it has worked well for the series as the audience has loved the soundtrack.”

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Folk-rock band Swarathma’s popular track is “Beta Sweater Pehno”, a whimsical song that fits the series perfectly. Amazon Prime Video launched The Family Man Edition music video featuring Shrikant Tiwari, Suchi and the kids, which you can watch here. Folk-rock band Swarathma’s popular track “Beta Sweater Wear” which is a whimsical song and fits the series perfectly. Amazon Prime Video launched The Family Man Edition music video featuring Shrikant Tiwari, Suchi and the kids, which you can watch here.

The music album also features three great tracks from Pune-based indie band Fiddlecraft (Gaurav Kadu and Sudip Shetty), “Toofan” – a high-octane rap song and “Chal Ghar Back Chale” and “Andhere” that fit perfectly into the story. Huh. A longtime collaborator with Raj and DK, Mahesh Shankar has composed two tracks for the series, “Maya”, a unique electro-classical fusion song, which he has composed for renowned classical singer, Padma Shri awardee Vidushi Sumitra Guha and Sheetal Nidimoru. Composed with and “Aaha Bhoomi” is a high-energy number presented by Harihar Sudan, Ramesh Chellamani and Sahitya Srinivasan. One of the most popular tracks of the series, Sachin-Jigar’s theme song “Dega Jaan” and sung by Melo D and Shreya Ghoshal, captures the essence of the new season with its exclusive Tamil remix by R Rajesh.

The new season OST also features a beautiful set of Tamil songs like “Unnaara Vaithai”, a soulful song by National Film Award winner Bindumalini with Grammy winner and internationally renowned Lap Steel guitarist Prakash Sontake. The soundtrack also features the soothing tune “Kanda Kumara” by Padma Shri awardee Dr. Shobha Raju.

In addition, the audience can enjoy the hit English rap song “Vanko” by Bengaluru-based hip-hop artist Brodha V as well as “Kho Gaye Hai Woh” by musician Harpreet.

A special mention to Ketan Sodha, who composed the background score for both the seasons. He has done a splendid job of creating a foot-tapping background score that contrasts with the story and emotions of the entire series, creating an intriguing experience for the audience.

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