Amazon PS5 restock COUNTDOWN: Rumoured date, stock time, tips on how to buy console

Amazon PS5 restock COUNTDOWN: Rumoured date, stock time, tips on how to buy console

Amazon PS5 restock – Date, time and tips to buy PlayStation 5 console (Image: SONY • AMAZON)

Amazon PS5 stock could become available to buy soon. The retail giant has already opened orders for the PS5 once this month, and they could be about to launch its second PS5 stock drop for June very shortly. According to the reliable @PS5StockAlertUK tracker account, Amazon could be taking orders for the PS5 once again between Monday June 14 and Thursday June 17.

However, the PS5 stock tracker Twitter account said these dates – and others they mentioned – were predictions based on information such as previous restock patterns and insider tips.

The account tweeted: “As usual, these dates are not guaranteed. They are only predictions which we base on three things; our own restock experience, previous restock patterns, bit of insider information.

“The two most likely retailers on this list we highly expect to drop are Argos and GAME.”

In case you’re wondering, here are the upcoming (and predicted) PS5 restocks dates for this week…

• Amazon UK – June 14-17 • Argos – June 15-16 • ASDA – June 15-17 • GAME – June 15-17 • Scan – June 18 • ShopTo – June 14-18 • Smyths Toys – June 17-18 • Studio – June 15-17

In terms of a restock time, the latest Amazon PS5 restock – which went live on June 2 – started to become available from around 8.30am UK time.

PS5 Digital stock became available to buy first with PS5 Disc stock available not long afterwards.

With the last PS5 Amazon restock there were plenty of people who managed to be successful, but others unfortunately weren’t.

Some PS5 stock hunters reported getting an Amazon error message which said: “We’re sorry. An error occurred when we tried to process your request.

“We’re working on the problem and expect to resolve it shortly. Please note that if you were trying to place an order, it will not have been processed at this time. Please try again later.

“We apologise for the inconvenience.”

PS5 stock news for the UK

The PS5 could become available to buy once again in the UK this week (Image: SONY)

While others had trouble getting the PS5 added to their basket.

If you fall into the latter camp with the next PS5 Amazon restock there is a simple trick you can try.

If you add a PS5 to your Amazon wishlist then you can add the console to your basket via that screen.

This workaround has been known to help in the past when people have experienced difficulties adding a PS5 to their shopping cart.

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