Amazon’s Bezos reveals how lot of people will be allowed live on Earth

humanity will do it move most of the industry in space And allow only a select few a remain on our planet, which will be transformed in a natural resort, according to self-financing space explorer Jeff Bezos.

The Amazon billionaire eagerly shared his predictions for what human civilization will look like like in the future – with him personally helping him carry it future closest – during a speech at the annual Ignatius Forum in Washington DC.

It expects vast cylindrical space colonies that rotate to create artificial gravity for millions of residents to take over most industrial production. Meanwhile, the Earth will be transformed in a nature reserve with limited access similar to USA national parks today.

“This place And special, we can’t ruin it, “ the founder of Amazon said of our planet.

“Millions of people want move from the Earth to space over weather. And this is the vision of Blue Origin – millions of people Working in space” he said, referring to his own company.

“Over the centuries, most or many of the people will be born in space. it will be theirs first home. They will be born on these colonies, they will live on these colonies. They can visit Earth on way would you visit Yellowstone National Park, “ Bezos had foreseen.

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Social media backs off as Bloomberg praises Amazon’s warehousea based exurban “factory town” as “the” future of working class’

He said the colonies themselves “Will have rivers and forests and wildlife”, who probably led his speech out of the realm of futurology and towards optimism science fiction. Amazon is sadly resourceful when it comes to squeezing its workers for every drop of productivity. That’s why the equally rosy description of The “Amazonian factory cities” solve economic inequality in the United States was met with horror, when it was proposed by a Bloomberg columnist in September.

Bezos referred to Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill, who proposed the concept of space habitat in 1976, as the source of inspiration for he. He said the kind of the expansion he predicted would be inevitable, if humanity is to grow in a sustainable way.

“This Earth can support, let’s say, 10 billion people To some degree. we should work truly hard understand out how to do it without degrading the planet … The solar system Power support a trillion people” He said.

The entrepreneur no comment on who he thinks he would decide who comes to live on Earth in the future, when requested by the host of the event, Adi Ignazio. But it is safe to assume that such a rich person and powerful as Bezos would do. The privileges of its status was discussed in the interview, when Bezos bragged that he had managed to get a cameo in his favorite franchise, Star Trek.

“It wasn’t an easy concert to get”, He said of its appearance in 2006 feature movie “Star Trek: Beyond”. “I insisted on a talk role, which complicated the whole scenario “ He said.

In movie, Bezos wore alien prostheses and had one line: “Speak normally”. Said that “nailed it,” arousing laughter from the audience.

Speaking of Blue Origin, the billionaire compared his company to early days barnstormers of aviation. He said it brings rich tourists on suborbital flights will transform them in “Ambassadors of the Earth”, who wanted advocate for growing space exploration in the name of protect our planet. This will be give more resources to make manned space travel routine, similar to how biplanes of old evolved in passenger airliners of today, he said.

“The hard the part is not space trip – that part has been fixed in the 60s. Not reusable – the space shuttle type of done that. The hard part is operational reusability “, He said. “Requires practice to get it right. “

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