Ambassador of Iraq in Lebanon. Diplomacy of the bombers

A group of images of the Iraqi ambassador in Lebanon, Haider Al-Barak, have spread over social media, in in the midst of a group of armed men in civilian clothes, and the claims were made by the Iraqi foreign ministry.

Fellow journalist Stephen Nabil posted a Wednesday post on Facebook entitled “Bomber Diplomacy”, in which stated that “it is normal for country ambassadors to transfer the culture of the country and people to the host country, take care of the affairs of the community and expatriates and build solid economic and social relations”. He added that “the Iraqi ambassador in Lebanon, Haider al-Barrak, played a different activity from all of this, and chose to spend his time in the Bekaa hitting an RPG7 launcher, in one moment in which many Iraqi refugees in Lebanon “suffer from multiple problems.

And the Iraqi foreign ministry asked its ambassador in Lebanon, Haider Al-Barrak, to return to Baghdad, after a video clip on the social network showing the ambassador in behavior defined as “inappropriate”.

Interestingly, it is not the first time that Al-Barrak has raised controversy, and last March the Iraqi Foreign Ministry asked its ambassador, Al-Barrak, to return to Baghdad, after circulating a video clip on the social network which showed the ambassador in behavior described as “inappropriate”. Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahaf said Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein had ordered Ambassador Haider Al-Barrak to be brought to Baghdad to discuss what was circulated by the media and from the sites of social networkon the prevention of the ambassador, a member of an Iraqi delegation who recently visited Lebanon for bilateral talks, after having released a statement to the press.

The spokesperson indicated in that moment when the ministry would endeavor to “establish the merits of the matter and take appropriate action”.