Amber Rose Gets Forehead Tattoo And Fans Freak Out That She’s ‘Ruined’ Her ‘Pretty Face!’

Amber Rose debuted a brand name brand-new tattoo and it’s on her forehead! That being stated, it looks like the brand-new ink’s positioning being on the face stunned her followers who primarily made it clear they were not fans of it!

A few of the star’s fans argued that she is ‘too pretty’ for a forehead tattoo!

Amber Rose presented with a fan for a photo and it was likewise the first time she flaunted her brand-new forehead tattoo.

When she stepped out with the ink,

She need to have likewise truly made heads turn on the street.

However naturally, the most singing of viewpoints came online, simply after the fortunate fan posted the pic revealing her standing next to Amber, the celebrity flaunting the irreversible body art happily.

When It Comes To what it is, the tattoo in fact checks out the names of her 2 kids: Celebration (Sebastian) and Slash!

Amber was using a long sleeved black leading and black leather trousers at the time and she looked as terrific as ever.

In the caption, the fan discussed Amber’s kindness, certainly gushing over her idol.

‘I was just shopping at @dollskill and my card declined bc I forgot to tell my bank I was leaving the state. I walked away to call them and the cashier walked up to me with my bag and said ‘This is for you from Amber Rose.’ LA is WILD y’ all.’

Not Long After, the remarks began gathering, fans either revealing envy over how fortunate the fan was or sharing their viewpoints on the brand-new tattoo.


Here are a few of their responses to the post: ‘Holy f*ck. That’ s quite damn rad.’/ ‘Omg plsss let that forehead tattoo Amber Rose got be fake .. like girl nooo not your face.’/ ‘Amber Rose got 2 tattoos on her forehead. Pretty face ruined. Wow. Smh lol.’

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