Amber Rose Vows To Stay Single Indefinitely, Citing Dislike for Sexual Intimacy

Model Amber Rose has revealed that she has been struggling on the dating scene in recent years and has decided to stay single indefinitely. She explained that she doesn’t want to share her house or her life with anyone and doesn’t want to have sex either. Rose is the mother of two children, a nine-year-old son with Wiz Khalifa and a three-year-old son with her ex Alexander Edwards. Her ex is now dating pop superstar Cher and Rose said that despite the forty year age gap, they get along great.

Amber Rose’s decision to stay single is a brave one, especially in a society that puts so much emphasis on relationships and marriage. There is a lot of pressure to be in a relationship and many people feel like there is something wrong with them if they don’t have a partner. However, Rose is proving that it is perfectly okay to be single and that it doesn’t mean that you are missing out on anything.

Being single can be a great opportunity to focus on yourself and to do things that make you happy. It can be a time to work on personal goals, to travel, to explore new hobbies, and to meet new people. It can also be a time to focus on your mental and physical health, to build relationships with family and friends, and to learn more about yourself.

Amber Rose’s decision to stay single is a great reminder that relationships don’t have to be the only focus in life. It is perfectly okay to be single and to take advantage of the many opportunities that come with it. It is also important to remember that relationships should not be forced and that it is okay to take a break from dating if it is not something that you are ready for.