AMD’s Rumored 4700G APU Packs 8 Cores, Boosted Clock Speeds

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AMD’s Ryzen Mobile CPUs hit the market to some excitement previously this year, providing considerably improved general performance over previous generation chips and extremely strong competition for Intel on the entire.

It’s been apparent that AMD would bring this APU family to desktop too, however it looks like the CPU in concern might be relatively aggressive. Reports recommend that the Ryzen 4700 G is an 8C/16 T CPU with a base clock of 3.6 GHz, a boost clock of 4.45 GHz, 4MB of L2, 8MB of L3, and a 2.1 GHz maximum GPU clock, all loaded into a 65 W TDP.

Could it be true? It might be. Grain of salt, and so on. A move like this isn’t insane, relative to how AMD has actually been progressing the general Ryzen item family.


Since Intel and AMD presented on-die graphics, they have actually pursued extremely various methods. Intel put on-die graphics on just about every CPU, outside of servers and the desktop HEDTfamily The “KF” CPUs it now offers without graphics were just introduced to enhance yields throughout a critical CPU lack. AMD, on the other hand, constantly scheduled its on-die GPU for a restricted number of CPUs. Since it introduced Llano, AMD has actually pursued a two-tier strategy with a CPU-only desktop platform with a higher total number of cores in addition to an APU strategy with less CPU cores however decent on-die GPUs.

This rumor recommends that AMD might make graphics standard on all parts below the 16- core level. It’s not clear how much of a worth-add this represents to modern-day users. APU graphics are undoubtedly valuable for 2 factors: You can not lose access to a system just due to the fact that your GPU passes away, and you can run multi-monitor setups more easily if you have a built-in GPU. Reasonably couple of people, nevertheless, discover themselves in alarming need of either ability on the regular.

Allegedly, the GPU onboard the Ryzen 7 4700 G would be an 8- CU Vega chip with 512 cores in total, clocked at a blazing 2.1 GHz. That’s extremely fast for an onboard APU, even if clocking up that high can just make a restricted amount of sense due to memory bandwidth restrictions. The Ryzen 7 4700 G will unquestionably shine with high-speed memory– APUs constantly do– however the fairly high price of RAM as you move up the clock charts constantly makes this financial investment an unpredictable proposal.

Depending on how AMD disperses and costs for the new Vega graphics core, these new APUs might be a noteworthy performance improvement on the old, specifically for people who are mostly CPU-focused. AMD might also be preparing a preemptive action to any changes Intel may make to its own desktop graphics with future CPU launches.

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