America: A decision to vaccinate children between 5 and 11 against the Corona next month

The White House announced today Wednesday that a decision will be issued next month to vaccinate children between the ages of 5 and 11 against the Crown.

And the United States started getting tough on vaccines, as several hundred hospital workers in the U.S. state of Virginia were laid off or their jobs suspended because they refused to receive the Corona vaccine, as required in most. major health systems.

Vaccine coercion orders went in in force on September 1, with two more waves scheduled for October 18 and November 1, according to the hospital’s policy survey.

Across America, health systems are in crisis as workers are forced to take the vaccine or be fired and fired for refusal, aggravating the shortage of qualified nursing and clinical care, according to the US “Washington Post”.

Health systems in rural Virginia, where there is generally greater resistance to a vaccine, are more affected by employee turnover, mandatory vaccination, than urban and suburban hospitals, which generally have more staff and are more in able to withstand some starts. .

Inova Hospital in Northern Virginia lost 89 workers to failing to meet vaccination requirements, less than 1% of its workforce.

Hospital officials say the reasons for workers’ refusal to obtain the vaccine reflect reluctance in the community, especially in rural counties, including historic distrust of medical institutions and concerns about the development of vaccine technology.

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