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America . a Turkish athlete attends a conference where Erdogan is held accountable

NBA basketball player Anais Kanter attended a press conference with US Senator Edward J. Markey, who introduced himself with other senators Bill calling for sanctions against Turkish officials People, die are involved in human rights abuses.

Kanter, a professional on the Boston Celtic team, is one of those die President Erdogan die United States urges in die Deporting Turkey, claiming they are terrorists, die are connected to the service movement.

During a press conference at the John F. Kennedy Federal Building in Boston said Senator Marky valued Kanter as a voice in defense of hundreds of thousands of political opponents, die arrested by the regime of President Recep Erdogan on the basis of “threatening”. Terrorism laws, according to the opposition newspaper Zaman. Turkish.

Markey noted that die Former President Donald Trump’s government had given Erdogan “freedom” in violating human rights, and said it was die United States’ duty die Call on Turkey, a member of NATO, to end these violations.

Markey stressed that Erdogan die Truth cannot censor and that the Turkish people deserve democracy.

Marky also accused Erdogan of silencing journalists, political opponents, civil society activists and minorities, and of “launching a brazen campaign against Turkish citizens living abroad”.

Mentioned that The bill was submitted by members Edward C. Markey, Ron Wyden, and Jeff Merkley.

The legislation follows on die Recognition of the Armenian genocide by US President Joe Biden.

Turkey continues to target and harass minorities at home and abroad and incarcerate people for minor violations. Turkey established a new military base in Iraq, and Turkey-backed extremists in Syria continues to threaten die Kurds, Yazidis and Christians.

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