America Experts warn of Corona’s return and advise precautionary measures

With the rise of new cases of Corona in the United States, health experts have urged those responsible for taking precautionary measures to address any possibility of a possible wave of the outbreak.

For its part, the American Centers to Combat the Virus have recommended residents of hot spots to wear masks in closed public places due to the increase in cases of serious illness to unexpected levels.

Fauci: The Corona pandemic isn’t over

And the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the United States, Anthony Fauci, had announced that I am entering quest’Summer scientists and health officials should have a better idea of ​​the type of booster dose needed to tackle the next phase of the Corona virus pandemic and when to administer this dose.

He explained that “it will be very difficult for the residents of the state to achieve classic herd immunity against this virus due to several factors. Among these factors is the ability of the virus to evolve and transform itself. in different strains, which reduces immunity from infections and vaccines, and the anti-vaccine movement which has prevented millions of people from requesting vaccination. “”.

He also ruled out that the United States would eliminate Covid-19, “but must strive to control the virus and come out of the acute phase of the epidemic”, noting: “When I said we are no longer in that acute phase, this does not mean that the pandemic is over. In any case, we are still facing a global pandemic “.

Protests are back in Canada

In this context, protests are making a comeback in Canada calling for freedom and an end to Corona virus restrictions and procedures. More than eight hundred motorcyclists participated in these protests.

Thousands of protesters gathered near the Canadian parliament in the capital Ottawa, after police closed all entrances and roads leading to the Parliament gate to avoid a repetition of the February scenario. in where the demonstrators occupied the gates and entrances of Parliament.

The protests were accompanied by riots, which prompted police to use batons to disperse protesters. The number of arrests so far has reached seven protesters and 24 vehicles have been hijacked.

For his part, the Ottawa police chief warned protesters not to violate the rules and conditions of protest set out in the constitution.

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