America exposes a Chinese hacking network. “They hacked phones in Worldwide”

A US cybersecurity firm has revealed that a group of hackers suspected of being linked to China have entered telephone networks mobile around the world and used specialized tools to access logs of telephone conversations and text messages held by telecommunications companies.

Crowdstrike said Tuesday that the group, dubbed “Light Basin”, had been in operation since at least 2016 but had been most recently identified, using some of the most sophisticated tools ever discovered.

While the vice president senior company, Adam Myers, explained that his company collected this information by responding to incidents in several countries that refused to make public.

He said programs can retrieve specific data without interruption, adding, “I’ve never seen such tools designed for this purpose.” He refused to disclose the countries in which monitored these cyber attacks.

very skillful method

Myers also noted that these attacks were carried out in so subtly and skillfully, that they did not attract any attention and did not raise any suspicions around them.

He explained that his company does not accuse the Chinese government of directing the attacks by the hacker group, but what has been ascertained so far is that the operation is linked to this Asian country, given the presence of encryption associated with the Chinese language.

Spy Network from Russia - Emoji
Spy Network from Russia – Emoji

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The spokesperson said the company had detected technologies that had previously been used in attacks that were said to be behind the Chinese government.

On the other hand, Reuters reported that the hacker network accused of this infiltration is linked to China, similar to many cyber attacks that would have been carried out with the approval of countries like Russia and Iran.

In addition, the American company released details of the technology on Monday in about the widespread attack, in an effort to allow other companies to conduct similar audits.

US President Joe Biden had in previously accused China of protecting cyber attackers, warning of the dangers of hacker protection.

The White House said the United States reserves the right to take further measures against China’s cyber attacks. Beijing denies responsibility for these attacks.

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