America is concerned about the Taliban’s interference in deliveries of aid

The US State Department revealed a meeting between an American delegation and representatives of the Taliban movement in the Qatari capital, Doha, where they discussed aid in light of the earthquake that caused a humanitarian disaster in the country.

And confirmed in a statement that Washington expressed its dissatisfaction with the movement’s interference in conducting humanitarian aid.

In the two-day talks, the delegation led by Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West identified U.S. support, including $ 55 million in new assistance from the US Agency for International Development to provide shelter, sanitation and hygiene items to the affected population and support The crisis continues in all over the country.

The two discussed humanitarian support provided by the international community to Afghanistan, including more than $ 774 million provided by the United States since August 2021.

The two sides agreed on the paramount importance of maintaining uninterrupted access to primary health care in across the country, while addressing concerns about transparency in service delivery, according to the statement.

The Taliban renewed their promise not to allow the use of the territory of Afghanistan to threaten any country.

The US delegation touched on the restrictions in course of the Afghan women’s and girls’ rights movement.

“The United States supports the demands of the Afghan people to allow girls to go back to school, allow women to work, contribute to the country’s economic growth, move and express themselves freely,” the statement read.

The United States has not recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan since the movement took power in August 2021.
And then billions of dollars of assets held overseas were frozen and Western international aid on which the country depended for twenty years was suspended, and today it has been progressing at a breakneck pace since Islamists returned to power.

Afghanistan is suffering from an economic crisis after several countries froze its foreign-deposited assets and cut aid as the currency plummeted.
The United Nations has warned that half of the country is threatened by food shortages.

The Taliban government announced that it was making every effort to help the victims of the earthquake and asked for help from humanitarian organizations and the international community, which so far has refused to recognize it.

Last February, United States President Joe Biden froze $ 7 billion of Afghan Central Bank funds deposited with U.S. financial institutions, of which he said he will spend half of it on compensation claims from the families of victims of the ‘Sept. 11.

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