America is withdrawing … and die Taliban lead a massive attack in Afghanistan through

Afghan officials announced today, Tuesday, that Afghan security forces in the past twenty-four hours to a massive attack by the Taliban in Helmand responded in southern Afghanistan while militants launched nationwide attacks after the scheduled date for US withdrawal forces had passed.

“There was a storm of heavy gun showers and explosions in of the city, “said Mullah Jan, who in a suburb of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, told Reuters, and also referred to the sound of small arms bullets.

He added, “I stay with all of my family members in the corner of the room and die Sounds of explosions and bullets were like they were behind our walls. “And die Familys, die could have gone.

The Taliban are expanding their attacks

In turn, Atallah Afghan, chairman of the Helmand Provincial Council, said that die Taliban launched their attack on Monday from different directions and attacked checkpoints on the outskirts of Lashkar Gah and die Take control of some of them.

The Afghan security forces launched air strikes and deployed special forces in of the region. The extremists were countered, however die Fighting continued today and hundreds of families were displaced, according to the community council chairman.

Washington is withdrawing

General Scott Miller, the die US and NATO forces in Afghanistan in their war against die Taliban leaders announced the start of the withdrawal of foreign forces and a week ago die Handover of military bases and equipment to the Afghan armed forces.

Miller said he was betting die Decision by President Joe Biden to end the longest US war on the grounds that this long war is no longer a priority for Washington.

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