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America: Not a military escalation with China, but opportunities for cooperation


There are many files in those die United States disagree with China, started trading over die Files from the emerging coronavirus and vaccine crisis to civil unrest in Hong Kong and the war over die Closure of embassies.

Still quit die First Assistant Secretary of Defense of the United States, Caitlin Hincks, on that die US does not regard the armed conflict with China as final, but that die Both countries should try to avoid an unnecessary escalation of tensions in to avoid bilateral relations.

“No, I don’t see that,” Hincks said during a webinar when, according to the Pentagon, he was asked whether an armed conflict was inevitable.

There are other files that we disagree with

She also explained that there are many other areas in those die United States and China will compete with each other, including international rules, economics, and others. Still, she pointed out that there are opportunities to work together.

In relation to die military dimension, she stressed that escalation was unnecessary, and stressed that the protection of their interests in their country’s top priority.

These developments came weeks after US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced that Washington would not seek differences but stand by principles and friends, adding that Washington die Chinese in Will openly discuss the files of concern.

He added that his country was not looking to quarrel with China but was facing stiff competition.

Strained relationships due to too many files

It is noteworthy that die Relations between the United States and China in have recently been tense for several reasons, in particular trade contradictions, the situation in Hong Kong, minority rights, the Corona outbreak and allegations of responsibility for it, as well as China’s refusal to participate in arms control, technology and climate negotiations.

The United States threatens China to impose sanctions on the country, accusing it of die Having violated human rights while die Chinese authorities fully reject all allegations and criticisms and urge not to in to interfere with his internal affairs.

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