America: Significant recovery in travel industry results in an increase in the salaries of pilots

The resurgence of US travel was reflected in fierce competition to attract pilots between carriers, especially since America is the only region suffering a shortage of up to 8,000 pilots.

The US domestic aviation market has rebounded and returned to pre-pandemic levels much faster than other markets.

October domestic demand was just 0.8% below 2019 levels, while domestic demand for global travel was still 22% below pre-pandemic levels, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

As for international travel, the question in America in October was 10% lower than in 2019, compared to a decline of 17.6% in Europe.

And a drop of about 57% in Asia and the Pacific, where travel restrictions remain in China, the largest market for international travel.

This resumption of travel in America has translated in fierce competition to attract pilots among American carriers, especially as America is the only region suffering from a pilot shortage, amounting to 11 percent or 8,000 pilots, according to consulting firm Oliver Wyman in July.

This is mainly due to the hours of experience requirements imposed by law in America at least 1,500 hours of experience!

While in other parts of the world, major carriers such as Lufthansa and EasyJet.

It offers training programs that do not require any previous experience and allows trainees to work as co-pilots after the training programme.

This competition between US carriers has translated in a significant increase in pilot salaries, which Delta Airlines recently offered.

And in June, the local Piedmont airline doubled its first-year pay for pilots with the rank of captain, to $146 an hour.

And globally in Australia, the airline low cost Qantas’ Jetstar last month agreed to a two-year pay freeze followed by a 3% annual pay hike and a bonus one-time fee of $6,800.

While Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong intends to increase the basic salary of all company employees by around 3% in 2023.

Air France also increased the salaries of all its employees by 5% in September and offered a bonus of 1,000 euros in forecast of salary negotiations expected for next year.

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