America supplies Ukraine with two surface-to-air missile systems

The United States will send in Ukraine two NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems, four additional anti-artillery radars and up to 150,000 155mm artillery rounds, as part of the latest arms deals for Kiev, the Pentagon said Friday.

US President Joe Biden announced the contours of the aid package, worth approximately $ 820 million, on Thursday in Madrid, following a summit of NATO leaders focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This equipment package includes two anti-aircraft systems, four radars, new missiles for the recently entered US HIMARS rocket launchers and up to 150,000 155mm artillery shells.

The two air defense systems can launch short and medium range surface-to-air missiles and are produced by the American company “Raytheon” and the Norwegian group “Kongsberg”.

The two remote-controlled systems make it possible to intercept Russian aviation, including drones, as well as cruise missiles.

Pentagon spokesman J. “The United States continues to work with its allies and partners to provide Ukraine with the equipment it needs on a battlefield. in evolution, “said Todd Priselli in a note. He stressed “Norway’s cooperation in allowing the US to historically provide two modern air defense systems that will help Ukraine counter brutal Russian air strikes.”

The Pentagon provided more details on Friday as it formalized Biden’s announcement and said the latest security assistance package also includes additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Missile Systems (HIMARS).

New US aid aims to bolster Kiev’s military capabilities as it faces intense Russian heavy artillery bombardment.

The Russian campaign’s escalation of long-range missile attacks on Ukrainian cities comes as its forces gained territorial gains in the east with a ferocious offensive in an attempt to force Kiev to cede two provinces to the separatists.

After the latest shipment of military assistance, the United States has pledged nearly $ 6.9 billion in arms to Ukraine since Russian forces entered in Ukraine on February 24.

Ukraine’s leaders publicly demanded that Western Allies quickly send more ammunition and advanced systems that would help them narrow the gap with Russia in terms of equipment and number of troops.

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