America .. The arrival of the first cargo of infant formula from Europe on a military plane

A military cargo plane landed in Indianapolis on Sunday, carrying the first cargo of infant formula from Europe to address a severe shortage in the United States.

A campaign by Abbott Laboratories, the largest infant formula producer in the United States, to recall its dairy products on February 17 and close its Sturgis, Michigan plant, has led to one of the greatest shortages of infant formula. in recent history for American families.

The Biden administration is trying to fill this gap with 1.5 million containers of Nestlé infant formula.

Last week, Biden turned to the Cold War-era Defense Manufacturing Act to increase supplies.

The White House said the plane that arrived on Sunday was carrying 35,380 kilograms of specialized infant formula.

“There is enough milk on that plane, which is a medical specialty, for about half a million bottles. That’s about 15 percent of the total national needs this week,” the council director told Fox News on Sunday. National Economic of the White House Brian Deese. “.

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