America to its citizens: avoid traveling in Germany and Denmark

On Monday, the United States advised its citizens to avoid traveling in Germany and Denmark due to the increase in the number of Covid-19 infections in these two countries, which are witnessing a new epidemic wave that has started to spread in all of Europe.

Additionally, the US State Department has issued a level four warning, the highest ever, for each of these two countries, noting that this warning “means there is a very high level of Covid-19 infections. in the country”.

This step comes in one moment in which Europe is struggling to stop the spread of a new epidemic wave, as the authorities of many countries of the old continent are trying to impose health restrictions, which has been welcomed in many places with protests sometimes involving violence, especially in the Netherlands.

“Either they were vaccinated, healed or they died.”

And German Health Minister Jens Young warned on Monday that most of his country’s population would be “vaccinated, cured or died” of Covid-19 by the end of winter, due to the high number of Covid infections. -19 in the country.

In Germany, as in neighboring Austria, the vaccination rate is still below 70%, which is lower than in other European countries such as France, where it reaches 75%.

Despite the loud rumbling voiced in the streets over the weekend, the Austrian authorities continued to put up again in quarantine the population until 13 December.

restrictions on returns

But the return of restrictions imposed to fight Covid-19 sparked violence over the weekend in different European countries, in particularly in the Netherlands, where the prime minister denounced the violence committed by “idiots”.

In August, the US State Department raised the travel alert level to the fourth grade in France, before returning and subsequently lowering it to the third degree, due to the greater health risks associated with the pandemic.

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