America: We are ready for a firm response if Russia chooses to invade Ukraine

Earlier this week, the US announced next steps in confrontation with Russia after a marked stalemate following a series of talks that failed to defuse the threat of a new conflict. in Ukraine.

We are ready for all possibilities

At this, US presidential national security adviser Jake Sullivan told CBS Sunday that “we are in close consultation” with Washington allies and “will reveal more about the next diplomatic steps early next week.”

“But the important thing is that we are ready for all possibilities . If Russia wants to continue the diplomatic path, we are fully prepared for it, together with our allies and partners. And if Russia chooses the via of the invasion and escalation, we are also ready for this with a decisive response “.

cyber attack

Meanwhile, Kiev confirmed on Sunday that it had “prove”of Moscow’s involvement in a large-scale cyber attack against several sites web of the Ukrainian government, while the Kremlin has denied any Russian involvement.

“I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it turns out that Russia is responsible,” said Jake Sullivan.

The senior White House official added, “We have not yet identified those responsible for this attack,” adding, “We are working hard to determine who is responsible.”

“If it turns out that Russia is targeting Ukraine with cyber attacks and will it continue in future, of course we will work with our allies for an adequate response, “he warned.

He pointed out that his country had warned “months ago” that the Russians could use electronic hacking to push for further “escalation. in Ukraine. “” It’s part of their strategy, they did it in past in other contexts, “he said.

Russia warns

But on Sunday the Kremlin reiterated that it did not want to “take military action”, while warning of “responses” if NATO did not agree to change its military behavior in Russia’s neighborhood.

Washington accuses Moscow of amassing about 100,000 soldiers on the Ukrainian border and of wanting to find a “pretext” for a possible invasion.

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