American bats easily pick up and spread coronavirus

A group of virologists has announced that American bats are easily infected with the new coronavirus and may become carriers of the infection in the future.

In an article published on the bioRxiv website, Jeffrey Hall, head of the scientific group, a researcher at the US National Center for Wild Animal Health, notes that biological experiments were carried out on a variety of Brazilian bats, and it turned out that half of the group became a carrier of a new coronavirus.

It is reported that scientists have previously stated that white-tailed deer, wild cats, tigers, raccoon dogs and others can be carriers of the virus.

The purpose of this study was to find out if bats in the world far from Asia, which are believed to have evolved from Asian horseshoe bats, could also become carriers of the virus.

According to Hall and his scientific team, the results of the study confirmed that Brazilian bats are infected with the new coronavirus and spread the active virus within ten days. And that the infection was clear in a third of them, and after three weeks they all recovered without much damage to the lungs.

Based on this, the researchers propose to put American bats under constant surveillance, as they could become the largest mobile reservoir of Covid-19.

Source: News. Ro