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American companies reject Biden’s decision to impose vaccines on their employees


The U.S. Supreme Court has reviewed appeals against President Joe Biden’s administration’s efforts to force millions of workers to receive Covid-19 vaccines to stem the spread of the epidemic.

Judge Elena Kagan asked the lawyer representing the unions Companies opposed to the decision “Because you believe it is not necessary to mitigate Who are the serious risks?

“This is a pandemic in nearly a million people have died, “Kagan added.” It is by far the biggest public health threat the country has faced. in a century”.

And he felt that “this policy is the most capable of stopping all this”.

Opponents to vaccinate school children

For his part, attorney Scott Keeler, a former Texas attorney general who represents trade unions, said the decision to require companies that employ 100 or more people will push many workers to resign.

“A decision that includes the whole economy will lead to a permanent alienation of workers, which will extend to our entire national economy,” continued Keeler.

“Part of the problems we see with this decision is that it’s not really aimed at controlling a workplace hazard . It’s a risk we all face as soon as we wake up in the morning,” the lawyer added.

Judge Stephen Breyer felt that “some people may step down, maybe 3%,” and added, “But most of them may quit when they find they have to work with others who are not immune, because that means they may get sick and others will quit. because they could die or be in hospital”.

After months of asking reluctant Americans to vaccinate, Biden increased the pressure in September: “We’ve been patient, but our patience is running out,” he said.

The Democratic president has mandated vaccination on companies employing 100 or more people and on health care workers in facilities that receive federal funding.

Unvaccinated employees will have to undergo weekly Covid checks and wear masks in the workplace.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has given companies until February 9 to comply with the rules or incur in sanctions.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said this policy is “vital to our nation’s response to COVID-19”.

“Unvaccinated Americans continue to face a real threat of severe disease and death, including from the Omicron,” Psaki said. in a note.

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