American inmate in Afghanistan: the Taliban are looking for blue passports

A woman named Nasriya flew in from California in Afghanistan in June to visit his family and consummate the marriage. According to a report by Fox News, in early September he remained one of the 100 to 200 Americans left there after the chaotic US withdrawal.

Now that the United States is gone, the Taliban are “chasing the Americans”. And I thought to myself, “Am I going home? Will I end up living here? Will I end up dying here? What will happen?”

American inmate in Afghanistan: the Taliban are looking for blue passports

blue passport

He continued: “It seems that they (the Taliban) are going out the door in door and trying to find out if anyone has a blue passport. “

Last week, Daryl Issa, of California, who was working to save the remaining Americans in Afghanistan said during an appearance on Fox News that Taliban fighters kicked Nasriya in the stomach.

Her husband is Afghan

“Anyone who says there are no people stuck is wrong,” Issa said during the broadcast.

When the country fell into the hands of the Taliban, Nasriya and her husband, an Afghan citizen, rushed to Kabul’s overcrowded and chaotic airport in an attempt to evacuate.

“It was very difficult to get on a plane,” he said. “We spent two days sleeping on the street, people were literally trampling people. That’s how bad the situation is.”

“I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life, it was literally like a scene from a movie, “he said.

She added that she and her husband tried to reach the designated location for 12 to 13 hours, but the Taliban prevented her at gunpoint even when she showed them her US passport. “Our strengths were in reality at the gate in waiting for us to continue walking, but the Taliban prevented us, “he said.

At one point, frustrated, she walked as fast as she could past the Taliban security forces, but “they started shooting her right near the leg and told me to go back or they would shoot me.”

Although her husband pleaded with the Taliban to let her go without him, she refused, revealing that she was pregnant.

“My son will need a father and I will need a husband by my side,” she said.

Despite being told by the State Department that they would find a way to get her out of the country, she said she was losing hope.

“If I’m only 15 steps from the airport and they tell me people will come out of the airport to pick me up, what hope should I have now?”

The Biden administration has been widely criticized not only for the withdrawal and evacuation efforts that left troops vulnerable to the bombing that killed 13 American soldiers, but for leaving the Americans behind as the last plane left on Tuesday.

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