American investigator accuses Tesla of being misleading about “autonomous driving”

The principal incident investigator in the United States urged Tesla to address safety concerns before expanding functionality Autonomous driving cars, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Essential safety issues need to be addressed before they are extended to other roads and areas,” said Jennifer Homedy, president of the NTSB, in an interview with the newspaper.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the drivers will be soon in able to upgrade the so-called fully autonomous driving ability of theirs auto.

The move is expected to make driving aids designed primarily for highways usable as well in urban environments, although it does not make the auto completely autonomous.

Homendi stressed that the term “complete autonomous driving” is “misleading and irresponsible”. The Wall Street Journal added that marketing could attract more attention than the warnings in the brochures auto.

The NTSB investigates incidents and issues safety recommendations, but has no regulatory authority.

Last August, a 2019 Tesla Model 3 crashed into aauto of the US police in Florida, where the driver of theauto told police he was using autopilot (Tesla Advanced Driver Assistance System).

The incident comes during a federal check on Tesla’s advanced driver assistance systems, with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration opening an investigation into Tesla’s autopilot feature after determining that the system was in use during a number of accidents.

Tesla accident with a ‘auto of the police

After the investigation was revealed, two Democratic senators, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Ed Markey of Massachusetts, asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Tesla’s claims about his fully autonomous driving abilities.

Tesla offers an automated driving function in all his auto latest. The company also sells a premium driving assistance system, sold as Full Autonomous Driving (FSD) for $ 10,000 in once or as a $ 199 monthly subscription to subscribers in the United States.

Both Autopilot and FSD require drivers to remain alert at the wheel at all times, as both systems cannot be completely reliable for the vehicle to drive itself without driver intervention.

Musk described the company’s latest driver assistance beta program, known as FSD Beta 9.2, as “not very interesting” on Twitter.

He wrote: “FSD Beta 9.2 in actually not great software navigation, but i team Autopilot and AI are working to improve it as quickly as possible … We are trying to have a model for both motorways and city streets, but a massive redevelopment is needed. “

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