American newspaper talks about weapon modification "Night Hunter" Russian

drive The US Army pointed to modifications to the weapons of the Russian Mi-28 (Night Hunter) helicopter, which led to an increase in its combat capabilities.

She reported that the Night Hunter began to use more and more of the new generation of Moore missiles, known as the “Product 305”.

Petr Butovsky, a military columnist for the newspaper, reported that Russian Telegram channels recently published videos showing upgraded Mi-28NM (Night Hunter) helicopters carrying and deploying the Lemor multi-role light guided missile.

One of these videos showed the head of the rocket being protected from dust and dirt while flying at low altitude, and the casing was raised just before the rocket was launched. According to the analyst, the helicopter was carrying two Izdeliye 305 missiles.

The helicopter shown in the video did not turn around and fire the heat traps, as is customary to deceive man-portable anti-aircraft missiles, indicating, according to the analyst, the large distance separating the helicopter from the target being destroyed.

The analyst recalled that the maximum range of the Lemore missile was 14,500 meters, more than twice the range of air-to-surface missiles typically carried by attack helicopters.

At the same time, the weight of the head of the rocket reached 25 kilograms.

Another feature of the weapons of the Night Hunter is the use of its rocket for a continuous control system: when the helicopter approaches the target, the GLONASS satellite navigation system transmits an image to the cockpit, and the pilot can correct the direction of the rocket. guidance based on it.

The analyst indicated that the Night Hunter can carry up to 8 Lamor missiles installed in 4 launchers.

The military analyst concluded that the Night Hunter helicopter, equipped with long-range Lamor light guided missiles, could play an important role in the special operation of the Russian army in Ukraine.

Source: Russian newspaper