American oil companies suspend their operations in Russia because of the war

American oilfield service companies Halliburton and Schlumberger announced on Friday that they would suspend or halt their operations. in Russia in response to US sanctions on Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

The announcement came in the wake of large-scale releases by energy, retail and consumer goods companies and a series of EU and US bans on supplying oil technology to Russia or importing its products. energetic.

Halliburton said it immediately suspended its activities future and to want to cease operations in Russia, after finishing in the shipment of sanctioned parts and products precedence in Russia, Reuters reported.

In the same context, Schlumberger announced in a statement on Friday evening that they have stopped sending investments and new technologies in Russia, despite continuing its current activity in compliance with international laws and sanctions.

Baker Hughes Energy Services declined to comment on its operations in Russia.

Energy companies BP, Shell, Equinor and ExxonMobil have suspended their operations or announced plans to exit their operations in Russia.

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