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American pressure on the Taliban … unless it reverses its decisions about women


The United States will seek measures to increase pressure on the Afghan Taliban government to overturn some of its recent decisions restricting the rights of women and girls unless the militant group shows no sign of overturning the measures on its own.

“We have addressed this issue directly with the Taliban. We have a number of tools that if we believe they will not cancel the decree, they will not back down, we will be willing to move forward with them.” State Department spokesman Ned Price said Monday in a press conference.

Price did not elaborate on the possible steps, nor did he indicate how the movement, which has already implemented policies that have held back 20 years of conquests in the rights of girls and women, could reverse its steps.

After the Taliban, since they came to power in August 2021 until today, forced women to wear the veil that only covers the head, leaving the face visible, even though they strongly recommended wearing the burqa they had previously imposed during her first rule, she returned and revealed, on Saturday, from her face, that she never changed, it seems, repeating her old story.

The militant movement has again required Afghan women to wear in I publish the blue burqa, as a punishment for householders who do not force their women to do so, in a return to the distinctive politics of his previous hard-line government, and an escalation of the restrictions that cause anger in home and abroad.

The international community has made the education of girls a prerequisite for any future recognition by the Taliban government, which took control of the country in August in following the withdrawal of foreign forces.

However, the movement, despite this, imposed restrictions on the work and travel of girls and women unless accompanied by a male mahram and prevented most girls from attending school after the second. media.

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“We have consulted closely with our allies and partners,” said Price. “There are steps we will continue to take to increase pressure on the Taliban to reverse some of these decisions and deliver on the promises they have made,” she added.

The United States and other countries have cut development aid and imposed sanctions on the Afghan banking system since the Taliban took power in August, when the United States ended its 20-year war in the country.

Most of the women in Afghanistan wears the veil for religious reasons, but many in urban areas, in particularly in the capital Kabul, they do not cover their faces.

This blue burqa, which has become a global symbol of the Taliban regime, appeared when the movement ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, as required by law. in all parts of the country, in the nineties.

Between 1996 and 2001, Taliban officials whipped every woman they found without the burqa.

The militant movement also deprived women of all their basic rights, and their lives were an ongoing taboo, as they could not wear flashy clothes, wear makeup, or even get an education. They were also prevented from going not only to work, school or university, but also to the bazaar to do their shopping.

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