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American voters give abortion supporters several victories

Supporters of abortion scored “historic” victories on Wednesday in referendums organized on the sidelines of the midterm elections in the United States.

After the June Supreme Court round, which gave each state the freedom to ban abortion on its territory, voters from five states were asked to decide on the issue.

The voters in California, Vermont and Michigan have passed constitutional reform in their states to explicitly include the right to abortion, according to NBC and The New York Times.

On the other hand, ABC and CNN reported Wednesday that a referendum against the right to abortion failed Tuesday in the conservative US state of Kentucky.

Although abortion is currently prohibited in Kentucky is a major victory for abortion advocates after the historic transformation of the Supreme Court.

In June, the Supreme Court waived the guarantee of a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy it had guaranteed for nearly half a century, and granted each state the power to rule on the matter.

Kentucky, where Republicans have a large majority, quickly passed a law banning abortions in its territory. Then several organizations turned to the judiciary to repeal this law.

To block these appeals, abortion opponents proposed to change the state constitution to write that it does not “protect” the right to abortion and brought the amendment to the voters’ vote on the sidelines of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

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