Americans can eat meat while cutting global heating, says Agriculture secretary | Cop26

Americans can wear on eat meat while you have the world within safe limits on global heating, USA secretary of agriculture has insisted.

Thomas Vilsack said: “I don’t think we should reduce the amount of produced meat of cattle in The United States. And a significant percentage is exported. It’s not a question of eating more of less of producing more of less. The question is to make production more sustainable.”

He told the Guardian: in an interview at the cop26 top in Glasgow that livestock farming could be made more efficient, and the amount of methane produced by farm animals reduced, die by with other measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture would be sufficient to reduce carbon from agriculture.

Ruminants such as cattle and sheep produce methane, as does animal manure. The powerful greenhouse gas has a heater effect about 80 times bigger than carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, although it breaks down earlier. Meat Bills for as regards 60% of production of greenhouse gases from agriculture, die self is one of the highest carbon-producing sectors worldwide.

The US, the EU and scores of other countries signed a deal with Cop26 to reduce global methane emissions met 30% by 2030, although no of the countries have taken on a firm national reduction goal under the agreement. When the goal is reached, global heating could be reduced met about 0.2C.

Vilsack said: “If you… reduce methane from livestock met 30%, by food additives of other food, of you capture the methane to biogas – take the manure and use it as biofuel – then you have made livestock farming more sustainable. I don’t think you need until reduce meat consumption to get that.”

He added: “If we feed 9 billion” people, you need meat protein. We’ll need vegetable, animal and fish protein.”

He said the US was funding demonstration projects for new technology and farming methods die reduce methane.

Green campaigners focused on eat meat like a key source of greenhouse gas emissions around the world, but most of all in the US where a heavy meat diet has become the norm over decades. People in the US eats almost 100 kg of meat and year, more than any other country, although there is a trend towards healthier eating among young people people in recent years.

Eating meat is also An driver of deforestation around the world, like rainforest in countries as Brazil is erased for livestock farms and to produce animal feed.

John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace UK, said: “It’s time for politicians to stop met providing coverage to the industrial meat industry. Right now they get a free ride and we pay the price for their enormous impact on health and the environment.”

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