America’s envoy to Yemen: Iran’s negative role persists and has not diminished

On Wednesday, the US special envoy for Yemen, Tim Lenderking, stressed that die Iran’s negative role apparently has not shown any decline or positive development.

At his meeting with the Yemeni Vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh, he referred to die Efforts for peace and die Support his country for die international role, die aims at security and stability.

The vice president also stressed die misusing the Houthis in failing to implement the Stockholm Agreement, urging them to mobilize and monopolize other regions, including die City of Marib, die has been subjected to violent attacks for a year and six months, in which they revealed the extent of the relationship and the Iranian support and its vicious weapons in of the region.

Lenderking met with Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Mubarak and stressed that die Houthis must cease all military operations in Marib And refrain from destabilizing actions in Yemen.

Deterioration in the humanitarian situation

For his part, Bin Mubarak pointed out that die Intransigence and circumvention of the initiatives and efforts of the Houthi militias die The humanitarian situation has worsened and the suffering of Yemenis has increased, according to the Yemeni official news agency.

He also stressed that die Yemeni government, though die Houthis die loot official fuel receipts and use their proceeds to fund the fighting instead die Pay employees’ salaries in accordance with the agreement with the Secretary-General’s Envoy of the United Nations, die Granting of exemptions for boarding fuel ships in one way die ensures the needs of civil, humanitarian and commercial use, in Areas under the control of militias.

America’s envoy to Yemen: Iran’s negative role persists and has not diminished

A camp for displaced people in Marib (Reuters archive)

Pipe tank

On the other hand, Ben Mubarak warned of the danger of the current situation Safe oil tank The floating tank because die Houthi Militia rejected all solutions and suggestions and did not allow the United Nations technical team to access the tank to assess its condition and maintenance.

He warned of the humanitarian, environmental and economic consequences for Yemen and die Region and die Impact on international shipping companies in the event of a tank collapse and called for maximum pressure die Wielding Houthis to end this humanitarian problem.

Safer ship in the Red Sea (Archives of AFP)

Safer ship in the Red Sea (Archives of AFP)

great group

It is noteworthy that yesterday, Tuesday, the US special envoy for Yemen spoke to the governor of Marib, Sultan Al-Arada, Repeated Houthi attacks on die city Overcrowded and displaced people.

Lenderking emphasized die His country’s refusal to target civilians and displaced persons, and expressed deep concern die devastating humanitarian consequences of the Houthi attack on Ma’rib.

Displaced children in a warehouse in Marib (Reuters archive)

Displaced children in a warehouse in Marib (Reuters archive)

Al-Arada, in turn, stressed that all Yemenis, as well as Marib and its residents on the front lines, long for peace and an end to the war started by the Houthi militia and want to continue it in the service of an Iranian agenda to the Marib Governorate Information Office.

He also made it clear that the Marib Governorate was a starting point for die Restoration of the Yemeni state and for peace will remain, and thanked for die positive statements and positions of the US envoy.

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