Amid the internet outage, die Ahvas protests renewed

Despite the strong security presence and in the face of the ongoing Internet failure, today, Friday in Protests against water shortages again raised in the city of Ma’ashur, south of the Ahvas region in Iran.

NetBlocks, the die Internet freedom in the world monitored, had one before fast complete interruption of the internet service in Ahvas reported and found that die Iranian government wanted to prevent demonstrators from expressing their anger.

In addition, protesters cut in the Sweis district of the city of Ahvas die Road to Abadan town. Even die Likudars city in Rastan governorate joined the protests against water scarcity.

For its part, the Iran International website quoted the Iranian police chief as saying, die Protesters in Ahvas are monitored by the police and punished for their actions, he said.

dead and wounded

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani instructed the governor of Khuzestan in the south-west of the country, which has been experiencing protests for days over water shortages, all the necessary skills in Use coordination and cooperation with all authorities in order to die Provincial problems.

During the protests against die Water scarcity in Chuzestan came in a number of dead and injured in recent days.

Video clips of protests in several areas of Ahvas on the eighth day in Episode showed that die Security forces were tough on the protesters.

Ahvas, overlooking the Gulf, is one of the most prominent oil producing regions in Iran and one of the 31st richest provinces of Iran, one of the regions die inhabited by a large minority of Arabs.

Even die Residents of the governorate previously complained about die Exclusion through die Authorities, and in 2019 it came too in other parts of the country protests against die Government.

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