Ammika Harris shows off her post-baby belly and reveals that she had a Cesarean!

Ammika Harris is a new mom and even if she is on the moon about it, her first pregnancy and birth was not easy at all! Chris Brown’s mom talked about the whole trip in a new video clip that she posted on her Instagram earlier today.

It turns out that she is still recovering after undergoing a cesarean section to deliver her baby boy, Aeko.

Not only that, but she has also gained weight which she can’t wait to lose.

After keeping everything a secret, Ammika did not hesitate to show her belly after pregnancy in a video she published via IG Stories.

“At the beginning of my pregnancy, I weighed 108 pounds. At the end, I weighed 157 pounds, I was huge,” she wrote alongside pictures showing her belly.

The young mother also revealed that she had learned to be patient with her recovery process, so that’s good.

“During my pregnancy, I just said to myself, ‘I need to get back to my usual size as soon as possible. I would say: “I will give myself 2 weeks”. I didn’t know what to expect after giving birth. Especially after the cesarean. 2 weeks was impossible. Your body really needs time to recover and you also need to give your uterus time to shrink. I am now 4 weeks after giving birth. It’s my belly today. Another 2 weeks before I can start training again, ”shared Ammika with her many followers.

Just one day before her honest grade, Ammika also admitted that she was not satisfied with her body after the pregnancy.

It was in response to a follower and a mother of two, telling her that she was an inspiration to recover her pre-baby body.


Ammika, who usually doesn’t interact with online fans, told her to be patient and admitted that she was also far from her ideal after giving birth to her son.

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