Among them are 3 Arab countries.. 10 largest gas producing countries in the world

Natural gas is an important energy fuel, even as the world moves towards a carbon neutral economy, investments in the blue fuel sector are of strategic importance.

Global natural gas production increased by about 5% in 2021, reaching a record high of 4.04 trillion cubic meters, and according to Statista, Russia is now the world’s second largest natural gas producer and the main source of blue fuel.

Last year, natural gas exports from Russia amounted to 202 billion cubic meters of gas through pipelines and 39.6 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG), but the Ukrainian crisis and Western sanctions have changed the situation, as Russia has significantly reduced exports. gas to Europe, which was 40% dependent on supplies from Russia.

This has driven up energy prices in Europe, and the EU has drawn up a plan to phase out Russian natural gas exports by 2027, knowing that experts are skeptical given that Russia is an affordable source of gas.

In view of the hostile attitude of Western countries, Russia has shifted energy exports to the east.

The following is a list of the largest gas producers in the world for 2021 based on Statista data:

Source: agencies