Amr Adib rebels against Al-Ahly for Abu Trika’s congratulations – (video)

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Il media Egyptian, Amr Adib, has sparked a storm of controversy over media and on social network Egyptians, with its ferocious attack on the board of directors club of Al-Ahly, led by Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, for the media center of the Foundation to congratulate the legend Muhammad Abu Trika on his 43rd birthday. In his program broadcast on MBC Egypt, Adeeb said he was not against the idea of ​​congratulating the Egyptian stadium icon at the beginning of the new millennium, as the “Prince of Hearts” and the favorite legend of Al-Ahly fans. , which represent the vast majority in all governorates of the Republic. After a break from taking in tour of the way in whose celebrities and “Social Media” activists interacted with Trika’s last birthday, Adeeb stood up with facial features embodying the famous Egyptian proverb “On the verge of our Lord’s wrath”, denouncing what Al- Ahly had done it, sending the usual congratulations to Trika on her birthday, as does the club even with foreigners who have been faithful in defending the red jersey. Amr Adib said: “But gentlemen, the club Al-Ahly owned by the Egyptian state, the sports and educational institution, is not correct to congratulate Abu Trika (what is useful), and sustenance is on God, why is it not useful? Because Abu Trika is on the terrorist list. A need for two people, guys, or Al-Ahly does not recognize the judiciary, or Al-Ahly has decided to go beyond all this ”. And he added: “Al-Ahly is above everyone, Al-Ahly is above terrorism and the Brotherhood, and we will congratulate Abu Trika. We, the Al-Ahly Foundation, with its president Mahmoud Al- Khatib and deputy Amiri Farouk, congratulate Abu Trika? Is it right? Is it permissible? “, Describing the birthday celebration of the great star, arguing that the Muslim Brotherhood does not, that is, they do not congratulate any of the symbols of June 30, and no one is affiliated with the state, citing the same example. Abu Trika is known to have resided for years in the Qatari capital, Doha, to put his name on the list of those awaiting their arrival. in report on a case related to his affiliation and financing to the Muslim Brotherhood, in the period before and after July 3, 2013, and what happened after the dismissal of the late former president Mohamed Morsi.

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