Amy Winehouse was 'desperate to become a mum', reveals goddaughter

It’s 10 years since Amy, 27, was found dead by paramedics at her London flat, bringing to a tragic end her very public struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. However, singer-songwriter Dionne Bromfield refuses to remember the star as an addict but as someone who had a maternal instinct that no one was ever truly aware of. “Everyone sees Amy as ‘Amy Winehouse’ and I never see her as that,” she reveals.

“When I think of Amy, I think of Amy without the beehive, without the eyeliner at home, prancing around, just being Amy, my godmother. It’s just that, another piece of the family.

“I first met Amy when I was six years old. She was good friends with my mum, who was also in the music business.

“The more time I spent around Amy, the closer we became and eventually she asked my mum if she could be my godmother.

“She was definitely like another mother figure to me.

“You know Amy never had kids. I know she wanted kids. That was like her purpose for life really, being an amazing wife and an amazing mother.

“And I think with me, I kind of gave her that sense of motherhood. Even though she wasn’t my mum or my sister. It was almost like a sister and a mother compiled into one and that’s why it was just so unique.” Dionne was just 15 when Amy was found dead on July 23, 2011. She recalls how she will never forget that moment and it has taken a long time to process her death.

“I was in Wales performing in the middle of this field and I was getting ready for a gig.

Amy Winehouse was 'desperate to become a mum', reveals goddaughter

Dionne, pictured with Amy, says the singer wanted to become a mum (Image: BBC)

“And I knew something had changed because everyone’s atmosphere changed.

“Everyone just started becoming extremely quiet when usually they were quite pumped to go and do the show. And I got the news that she had passed. And it didn’t really make sense.

“Then unfortunately, someone had an iPad and they were pulling out her body from the house. And it was like the front page.”

Since Amy died Dionne has hardly spoken about her, even to those closest to her.

But 10 years on, she feels like she needs to confront her feelings and in tomorrow night’s MTV’s Amy Winehouse & Me: Dionne’s Story, she opens up about how Amy’s death has affected her.

“I hope I’ll reconnect with the Amy I knew and loved as well as deal with some of the grief I still feel at losing her,” she said.

“ There’s only so much you can hold inside. And I’ve wanted to keep silent because I wanted to respect her and let her be at peace. But then I also feel, there’s a side to her that people should know.”

• Amy Winehouse and Me: Dionne’s Story airs, MTV UK, 10pm tomorrow

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