An ambitious plan to rebuild the port of Beirut designed by German companies

A delegation that included representatives of German companies announced today, Friday, from the Lebanese capital a huge project worth billions of dollars to reconstruct the port of Beirut and its surroundings, but which will continue to depend on the implementation of the necessary reforms in the country is dependent.

The project seems in to be very ambitious in a country whose political leaders are not die Show intention die to provide the simplest reforms to the international community as a prerequisite for Lebanon to receive financial support, die the rebuilding process of what would trigger a huge explosion in The port of Beirut was destroyed on August 4th and the necessary infrastructure reforms were completed. And many other sectors in the country are depleted.

The explosion in the port of Beirut, one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in the world, caused massive damage in the port and in the surrounding districts. It resulted in the death of more than two hundred people and the injury of more than six thousand others.

The plan aims to die remove most of the activities of the port from the city center and die most affected parts of it in to convert a residential area.

During a press conference in In Beirut, Hermann Schnell, head of the German company “Cooley”, spoke about affordable apartments and “green spaces and good infrastructure”.

The project also includes beaches and a public park. It should create around 50,000 jobs.

The project organizers see it as a “plan for a new city” following in the footsteps of other countries, die die Have seen the development of their ports such as Vienna, Cape Town and Bilbao.

Lars Greener of the consulting firm Hamburg Port said the plan aims to develop the port of Beirut into “world class”.

This special initiative is the first concrete plan for the port after the explosion, which, according to the authorities, resulted from years of storage of large quantities of ammonium nitrate without die required safety conditions results.

Other international companies are currently preparing similar projects, including the French giant CME-CGM, which is unloading and reloading containers at the port of Beirut today, and presented an integrated plan for its development in September.

Transparency requirement

During the press conference, the German ambassador said in Beirut, Andreas Kindle that “a project of this size . can only be built if accountability and transparency are guaranteed.”

The project sees die Set up a fund headed by independent international figures in order to die Manage funding on die yourself die Support European Investment Bank and others. But die Task seems difficult.

“I don’t think that projects like this . will soon become a reality,” economist Jad Shaaban told Agence France Presse. He asked: “Who is ready today, a dime in to invest in a country that is going through a complete collapse, has no government and in Is there a delay in payment? “

Since the summer of 2019, Lebanon has been experiencing an economic collapse in which the Lebanese pound has lost more than 85% of its value. In March 2020, the state failed die Paying its foreign debt in Billions of dollars and then began negotiations with the International Monetary Fund on a recovery plan that was later taken over due to disagreements between Lebanese negotiators die Amount of losses and die Approach has been suspended reforms in die Act.

This goes hand in hand with popular resentment against a political class die is charged with corruption and impotence. Two governments resigned within a few months. Despite the economic impasse they were able to die political forces fail to agree on a new government.

The fate of the gallows

And through die Blast destroyed the port of Beirut, the huge 48-meter-high garbage that could hold 120,000 tons of grain stands, and part of it still stands. The sins absorbed most of the storm of the devastating explosion and, according to experts, protected the western part of the capital from similar destruction as the eastern part.

The German delegation did not address the issue of layoffs, but considered that die City needs minor expenses.

On Monday, experts from the Swiss company Aman Engineering, which carried out a laser inspection of the silos, warned that these silos were dilapidated and would become an “unstable and mobile structure”. It was recommended to “dismantle this concrete block” and “build new silos in a different location”.

Economy Minister Raul Nehme announced in November that die government die Will tear down falsehoods for the sake of public safety. However, the authorities have not yet made a decision in this regard.

German investors said today that corruption, die die devouring Lebanese institutions is a major obstacle to their project.

“What was put on the table is amazing . the only thing we need is transparency,” Suheil Mahaini, managing director of Hamburg Port Consulting, told AFP.

He added, “We don’t dream, we have a clear vision . but when die If conditions are not met and full transparency is not allowed, this cannot succeed. “

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