An American announcer to Putin: are you a murderer? .. See you die answer to

In the run-up to the in this week’s upcoming summit in Geneva between US President Joe Biden and Russian Vladimir Putin, the Russian President laughed when asked by the American NBC broadcaster that he was called a “murderer”.

After the broadcaster pressed Keir Simmons for an answer, he stopped die Asked directly, saying, “Mr President, are you a murderer?” To reply, “During my tenure, I have attacked from all angles and from all areas on various pretexts and reasons, and none of them surprise me. It absolutely worries me, “he said, adding,” The term ‘murderer’ is like ‘macho’ in Hollywood common. “

“Kill and Pay the Price”

Biden said in an interview broadcast by ABC News in March that the Russian President “is a killer and will pay the price” after a released intelligence report accused Putin of himself in die to meddle in recent US presidential elections.

In his interview with NBC, Putin stated that Biden was “very different” from his predecessor Donald Trump and noted that the current US President fast his whole adult life in who worked in politics, and for this reason he is not expected to take “impulsive” steps, ”he praised Trump, describing him as“ an extraordinary and talented person.

He represented die View that die Relations between the United States and Russia were at their lowest level in years.

Both the White House and the Kremlin announced that die Presidents of the United States and Russia meet for the first time since Biden came to power on June 16 in Geneva would hold a summit.

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