An American delegation meets Aoun … and Great Britain: the Lebanon crisis is exceptional

Lebanese presidency said congressional delegation assured President Michel Aoun of its commitment to support Lebanese in general and to “support the army in particular”.

Today, Wednesday, Aoun met with a delegation from the Foreign Affairs Commission to the United States Congress led by Senator Chris Murphy and in the presence of the US ambassador in Beirut. With them he presented the situation in Lebanon and the indications for the next stage.

Aoun stressed: “There has been progress in the formation of the government and thanked them for American support for the Lebanese army.” He also assured Congress that parliamentary elections will be held on schedule in the spring of 2022.

In this context, the British Ambassador to Beirut, Ian Collard, stressed that “the crisis in Lebanon is exceptional and is the result of decades of failure and helplessness of politicians”.

He also made it clear that “the need for reform in Lebanon is urgent and immediate political action is needed.

On Tuesday, Lebanese parliament speaker Nabih Berri urged the country’s top politicians to form a government this week, “and nothing more.”

In a televised speech, Berri called for “putting aside all disputes” to save the country from … economic collapse. Lebanon is suffering from a severe economic crisis and has been ruled by an interim government since the government resigned more than a year ago.

Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati said last year that there have been significant obstacles along the way. Mikati is the third person in charge of forming the government.

In his statements, Berri said political factions should not hinder the formation of a government by asking minorities to hinder the new government. President Michel Aoun has denied allegations of demanding a third of ministerial portfolios from his allies, which would allow them to prevent government decisions.

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