An American newspaper refuted it die Reasons, die To fuel confrontations and bring Gaza to the edge of the abyss

Hamas currently sees itself due to the repeated clashes with Israel, die the development process in the Gaza Strip, where more than two million Palestinians live, of whom die Half of them live below the poverty line, live, according to United Nations statistics, disabled, faced with political and economic consequences.

Obstacle in the reconstruction إعادةإعادة

To make matters worse, according to the Wall Street Journal die The United States and Israel insist that all efforts be made to rebuild Gaza die Will not include Hamas die rules the strip, die classified by them as a terrorist organization.

An American newspaper refuted it die Reasons, die To fuel confrontations and bring Gaza to the edge of the abyss

Yahya Sinwar

The United States, Egypt and Qatar have all indicated their willingness to provide more than $ 1 billion to the Palestinians, mainly through UN agencies. In press conferences last week, said Yahya Sinwar, who is the political wing of Hamas in Gaza directs that die Movement would not take money earmarked for humanitarian causes and called for an end to restrictions, die were imposed more than a decade ago, die die Weakened Gaza’s economy.

Financing from Tehran and taxes

Sinwar added that die “Hamas” had other means of raising money. Hamas troops are funded by Iran while die Hamas citizens and businesses in Gaza taxed to die Fund police and other government services.

long-term ceasefire

In the past few days, Egyptian officials have visited Gaza and Israel to formulate a plan for reconstruction and to discuss how to achieve a long-term ceasefire.

Egyptian medical aid for the wounded in Gaza

Egyptian medical aid for the wounded in Gaza

Israeli officials say an agreement to rebuild Gaza can only be reached if die Hamas surrenders Israeli prisoners and die Returns the corpses of two soldiers, die Killed by Hamas in 2014.

While die Palestinians in the Gaza Strip die Clearing debris and ruins from recent confrontations, Sinwar warned of the possibility of further conflict if Israeli forces continue with Palestinians in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the focal points of recent tensions.

Sinwar said in his press conference: “The enemy should know that everything that has happened so far has been small military exercises compared to what will happen.”

The recent Israeli attacks on Gaza have destroyed thousands of homes and businesses and displaced more than 100,000 people. According to the United Nations Office for die Humanitarian Coordination, 242 Palestinians were killed during the 11 days of fighting, compared with twelve in Israel.

The man’s desperation in the street

Yahya Sami (44 years), a Palestinian who in Al-Wahda Street, where Israeli raids destroyed entire buildings and killed dozens, gave the Israeli and Palestinian sides die Guilt, pointing out that Sinwar was responsible for the transition to what he called confrontation. Sami said he wanted to move to Canada now. “The situation in Gaza is getting worse every year, “stressed that die Despair among the residents of the Gaza Strip is reaching its limits.

Sinwar’s pragmatism

A US State Department statement described Sinwar as a terrorist, and Israeli officials say Sinwar helped build Hamas’ security apparatus, arrested and convicted of killing Israeli soldiers, and received four life sentences in 1988.

During his years in prison, Sinwar spent hours talking to Israelis, learning Hebrew fluently, and watching local television, according to a former Israeli prison service officer.

Sinwar was released in 2011 in exchange of 1,027 Palestinians for the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Sinwar returned in die Ranks back in the Hamas leadership and then took over in 2017 die Presidency of the Movement’s Politburo. Sinwar worked on die Improve the living conditions of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by sending donations from Qatar directly to them die Hamas received, d Palestinian Authority, die Sinwar has helped build his reputation as being pragmatic he wants die Boost Gaza’s economy.

“The truth is that a new war in nobody is interested, “Sinwar told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica in 2018 in an interview.

Sacrifice the lives of the Palestinians

Sinwar did die Remarks, as die Hamas in that year sponsored a weekly protest campaign against the Gaza border fence. The protests aimed to raise awareness of Israel’s blockade of Gaza, with Palestinians at times on die Border walls advanced and Israeli forces responded with rubber bullets and ammunition. According to the United Nations, 214 Palestinians, including 46 children, were killed during the year-long demonstrations.

Calm down for the money

After the clashes, Sinwar calmed down die Tensions so high that Israel continues to receive money from Qatar in allowed the Gaza Strip, and Qatar and die European Union proposed to finance a gas pipeline to Gaza.

Gaining influence by strengthening resistance

Michael Milstein, director of the Palestinian Studies Forum at the Moshe Dayan Research Center, believes Sinwar through die Strengthening the ongoing resistance against Israel wants to gain influence.

“Since 2017, many have expected him to be a less Hawkish and more political leader, but he was both,” Milstein said.

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