An American report: Turkey is among the three most heavily incarcerated countries in the world for intellectuals

A report from an American institution confirmed that die Turkey is one of the first three centers in the world, in which intellectuals were imprisoned in 2020 without this having changed from 2019.

The Pen America Foundation, die affiliated with the International Pen Writers Association, published their 2020 report on die Freedom of writing, like die Foundation in their report found that 273 thinkers, writers and scientists are imprisoned around the world.

According to the report belonged die Turkey to the top three places in the ranking of countries around the world, in whom intellectuals were imprisoned, and the report showed that die Ranking of Turkey has not changed compared to the previous year.

According to the report, went die number of in writers imprisoned in Turkey return compared to the previous year, die freedom of speech in However, this land was not improved and it was reported to have at least 25 writers, scientists and thinkers in were imprisoned in Turkey.

The report also said that Justice and Development Party President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his political allies declared Shebnem Kurur Vinangji, head of the Turkish Medical Union, an enemy after the AKP chief die Turkish government had criticized the epidemic.

The report shows that die Investigations against die “Eurom” tape continued and that die “Eurom” musicians Emil Yeshelirmak, Tuji Tayyar and Baresh Yüksel have been imprisoned since 2020.

Ibrahim Gokcik died on the same bond two months after parole after spending 323 days on hunger strike, as did die Lead singer of the band, Helen Bulik, die continued her hunger strike after her release in November 2019, where she passed away.

According to the report about die Freedom of writing for 2020 was advised that in Turkey passed new laws, die die Further restrict freedom of expression and die Increase the authority of President Erdogan, and the report shows that the Turkish anti-terror law in Power is a weapon against opponents, die in reminded in this regard that Osman Kavala was imprisoned under this law.

He stated that die Authors, die criticized AKP chairman Erdogan and his family, are also on trial.

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