An American report warns … Taliban could disrupt and destroy “women’s rights”

With the US withdrawal from Afghanistan beginning after many years of fighting terrorism, a recently released US intelligence report warned against the return of Taliban The government of the country harbors die Risks, die die in front fast two decades in in reference to die Undermine the achievements of women.

The two-page report produced by the National Intelligence Council also showed that die Taliban’s views have not changed since they came to power in 1996 and were defeated after American intervention in 2001.

It is noteworthy that die When the Taliban came to power, it launched an extremist regime of oppression against women in imposed in many ways, from education to work.

This triggered a decision The United States is withdrawing its soldiers from the country, Completed by September, concerns die Taliban, die regain their full strength.

“The restrictive approach has been corrected”

The American report says: “The Taliban movement remains in their restrictive approach in in reference to die Women’s rights largely steadfast and will make up a large part of the in Undo progress made over the past two decades, though die Power is being restored in the country. “Movement has remained very limited and it still is. Unrelenting”in Negotiation and “imposes severe social constraints in the areas they control.

Several leaders of the movement have also publicly committed, according to the report, to die Respecting women’s rights “but only through their extremist approach”.

“If die Taliban become a dominant force in Afghanistan would return, every possibility would die Movement Policy Towards Women in Driving towards moderation, depending on the skills of ethnic minorities, die to maintain local diversity and technological development, “he said, referring to cell phones that did die Afghans more open to die World.

Crunchy progress

It is noteworthy that die in Advances made over the past twenty years remain fragile and highly dependent on international pressure, so die Authors of the report, die pointed out that this development would be “endangered” after the withdrawal of foreign armed forces, “even if” die The Taliban made no effort to torpedo it. “

In the report, however, was die Believed that international pressure could play a role as the Taliban’s pursuit of foreign aid and die Gaining legitimacy could change their behavior slightly over time.

If die Movement, however die When power returns, its first priority will likely be “to consolidate its control on its own terms”.

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