An Apple feature that allows you to edit PDF files

You can edit PDF files via iOS 15 without having to install third-party apps, as Apple allows this feature within the iOS 15 File Manager app, but Apple hasn’t marketed much for this feature.

You can add notes or points to PDF files and share them via the Files app in iOS 14.

Steps to edit PDF files

The Files app in iOS 15 allows you to fully edit PDF files as if you were using an external app. This means you can add and remove pages, control page orientation, and much more.

To edit PDF files, you need to follow these steps:

Go to the File Manager app in iOS 15 and open a PDF you have on your phone.
Then drag the screen to the right to show you the list of pages within the file.
Then double click on the page or keep clicking once until the editing interface for files opens.

Next, a list of changes to the new files appears, and when you’re done with the change, click the “Done” button at the top of the screen.

The app allows you to use the Markup image editing interface in similar way to editing screenshots.
Where you can add your signature or highlight parts of the text and enlarge it as you wish from this interface.

Other features of iOS 15

In iOS 15, Apple focused on adding necessary features for third-party apps to use on the system.
Therefore, you can ditch some of the third party applications that you use a lot, like the PDF editing application.
The company is also focusing a lot on privacy with this update and increasing its settings.
It even made Siri work from inside the phone without having to send an audio recording of your command to the company’s servers for analysis.
The company has promised to launch a Private Relay feature that acts as Apple’s VPN provider that works across all of its devices with a single subscription.

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  1. I hope you could demonstrate that. I’ve failed to implement the suggested procedures on iPhone. It could be valid on Mac but not confirmed.

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