An Arab city begins today to prevent the entry of people not vaccinated against the Crown into government offices

From today, Monday 10 January, all government agencies in the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi, will begin to prevent the entry of those who have not been vaccinated with “Covid” vaccines and those who have not obtained the support dose on the workplace, in order to strengthen precautionary measures and to preserve public health.

The Government Support Department, in coordination with the Committee for the management of emergencies and crises, ordered the obtaining of the vaccine and the support dose for entry into the workplace, for the groups concerned, as decided by the competent health authorities.

The decision applies to all government agencies in the emirate, except those that have an approved medical excuse.

The previously approved procedures continue, including the presentation every 7 days of a negative result for the examination of the nasal swab (PCR) for all employees and workers, collaborators and external collaborators, and for visitors, dealers and temporary workers, a negative result it should be shown no more than 48 hours after receiving it, according to the Al Khaleej newspaper.

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