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An Arab country overtakes China as the largest importer of Brazilian poultry products

The UAE overtook China by becoming the largest importer of Brazilian poultry products in February, Brazilian meat producers association ABBA said, attributing the increase in sales to the approach of Ramadan.

In the second month of 2022, the UAE increased its purchases by nearly 90% to 42,800 tons, compared to Chinese imports of 42,300 tons, according to the association’s latest data.

The UAE is one of 58 countries that purchase halal poultry products from Brazil, which requires meat production under Islamic law.

Demand from the UAE highlights Brazil’s emergence as a global supplier of halal products.

“Islamic countries were the first destination for Brazilian chicken meat exports in 1975. We have a strong partnership and long-term growth prospects,” said Ricardo Santin, president of the Brazilian Meat Producers Association.

According to the association, halal chicken exports accounted for nearly half of Brazil’s total chicken exports last year, reaching 1.915 million tons and generating nearly $ 3 billion in sales.

The association said that, based on data from the first two months of the year, this sector will continue to thrive, noting that poultry exports
Halal increased by 5.17% in volume in January and February, to 310,400 tons and revenue increased 25% to nearly $ 510 million in that period.

It said sales of halal chicken in the UAE last year amounted to 389,400 tons, or nearly 9% of total Brazilian chicken exports, and generated revenues of around $ 692 million.

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