An armed man terrorizes Germany. He killed his mother and takes hostages

German police launched an operation in Dresden’s city center on Saturday morning after ‘suspected hostage-taking’, local police announced in a statement.

And mediaincluding the newspaper “Bild”, that a man armed with a pistol allegedly took refuge in a shopping mall store after opening fire in the building of a located city radio station in Saxony.

“Kill a Woman and Run”

And “Bild” added that the 40-year-old shooter killed a woman before resorting to the shopping center, without specifying the place of the woman’s death.

While the Al-Arabiya correspondent cited i media Germans that police found a 62-year-old woman murdered in her apartment in Dresden, pointing out that the suspect in her murder was her 40-year-old son.

Radio Dresden suggested that the murder was related to the hostage taking, especially since the distance between the two incidents was not great.

Christmas market closed

“The Dresden police are carrying out an operation in the city centre, and the situation is linked to a suspected hostage-taking”, the statement reads, explaining that the nearby shopping center and the Christmas market have been “closed”.

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