An Australian attempts suicide by self-immolation, protesting the restrictions of the Crown

As Australia imposes stringent measures to limit the acceleration of the spread of Corona and its new mutant, Omicron, an Australian has set himself and his auto, to protest against these restrictions.

The man sustained severe burns as a result of his suicide attempt, after setting himself and his own on fire auto in front of a restaurant in Richmond.

The police, who were there, tried to save the man, and people close to him helped them.

Additionally, Australia has seen tens of thousands of infections every day for the past week, and hospital admissions have increased in New South Wales, due to growing concerns about potential pressures on the public health system.

Data from the Department of Health showed that newly diagnosed cases in New South Wales, the most populous state, fell to 18,278 from 22,577 the day before, a quarter drop in the number of test conducted on New Year’s Day.

But the number of hospital admissions, which authorities say they monitor more closely than the total number of cases, as they move into living with the virus, has jumped 18 percent to 1,066.

On Sunday, Australia recorded more than 32,200 cases, in drop from 35,327 on Saturday, although states in Western Australia and the Northern Territory have yet to publish new infection numbers, according to Reuters.

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