An Egyptian health official talks about good news about Corona

Dr. Mohamed El-Nadi, member of the scientific committee to fight the Corona virus in Egypt claimed that the Corona virus has several strains, some of which play a heroic role, while others play a secondary role.

He explained, as reported by the newspaper “The Seventh Day”, that the first strains are those that have proved valid and can cause an epidemic situation, while the other secondary type are the strains that affect one, two or ten people. and not reach the epidemic level, adding that Egypt is completely free from the mutant Mo “, which is rumored to be talked about, but just in case in which does not respond to the vaccine, will bring the world back to ground zero , He said.

And a member of the Scientific Committee to Combat the Corona Virus in Egypt continued, during a telephone intervention on the ninth program in broadcast on Egyptian Channel 1, that the information on this mutant comes from abroad, and we will have to wait for the reports released from there on the mutant’s response to vaccines, adding that it is necessary to be cautious Airports and ports large and of follow-up to prevent the spread of the new mutant.

The club he went on to say that precautionary measures are indispensable in all cases, both for those who received the vaccine and for those who did not.

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