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An emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers to discuss Israel’s violations in Jerusalem

Today, Tuesday, will die Arab Foreign Ministers to host an extraordinary virtual meeting of the Arab League Council die developments in To discuss Jerusalem.

The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States said it had decided to hold the meeting to discuss Israeli crimes and attacks in occupied Jerusalem, including attacks on die Al-Aqsa Mosque and attempts die Seize Jerusalem houses in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and evict them from their homes.

This is due to the fact that the UN Security Council has not issued a uniform statement in the one end to the escalation in East Jerusalem is called for. Diplomats reported that die The United States at the time deemed it “inappropriate” to send a public message on the matter.

Washington said so “She works behind the scenes” De-escalate the situation and “she’s not sure if.” die Submit a statement in this phase will help die De-escalate tension. “

The draft resolution submitted by Tunisia, Norway and China called on Israel to die Settlement activities, demolition and die Expulsion of the “Palestinians”, too in East Jerusalem to discontinue.

Dozens of Palestinian demonstrators were injured in clashes with Israeli forces at roadblocks and contact points in the West Bank.

Local sources said that die Israeli forces used tear gas bombs and rubber bullets against thousands of protesters die above die Israeli escalation in Jerusalem and Gaza were upset.

The Al Arabiya correspondent reported on it The intense bombing by Palestinian factions affected Ashkelon and die Settlements on the envelope of the Gaza Strip As a result, 6 Israelis were wounded between moderately and mildly, and two houses were damaged by rockets directly on Ashkelon, according to Israeli medical sources.

For its part, the Israeli army announced that it had bombed 130 targets in the Gaza Strip and killed 15 military activists from the Palestinian factions after more than 250 rockets dropped from the strip since the confrontation began in Fired towards southern Israel.

It came after the Gaza Strip Ministry of Health announced that 24 Palestinians, including 9 children and two Hamas leaders, were killed and others wounded in Israeli air strikes in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Israeli mini-government announced that it had given the go-ahead for a number of ongoing raids on the Gaza Strip, but ruled out military action.

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